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  • Rebecca Hsu

Adobe x API

This past summer I had the absolute honor to join in Adobe's Diverse Voice Campaign. It has been one of my most exciting projects. The team at Psyop and 72andSunny were amazing, guiding me through each process, from creating the illustration frames to voice recording. They made sure my voice was heard throughout the entire process and really gave me creative freedom.

'Where I'm From' is a short film aimed to give API creatives the opportunity to answer the common question of "Where are you reallyyy from?" without the condescending tone that often comes with it.

Check out the video below! (I'm the first one!) This was also a collaboration with HypeBeast, so it was really exciting to see this video on their website.

I started with some ideas answering the question of 'Where are you from'. Looking through some of my old work, I wanted to utilize the mirror as a reflective moment but also capture both Taiwan and the States, which lead me to the idea of a mixed skyline. Food is definitely something that defines culture, so I thought about what food usually reminds me of home. From the jetlag after returning from a trip to Taiwan, my mom, sister and I would often wake up around 4am and we would make instant ramen as a midnight snack before going back to bed. I illustrated myself in a bowl of noodles as a comfort food.

The final images that I sent over were 6 frames that were beautifully animated by Psyop.

I loved being apart of this project and make sure to checkout all the other artists and their amazing work, as I said, it's been a huge honor to have my work shown alongside other API creatives and working with the team that made this entire project possible. Much Love.

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